About Connection 2 Spirit

Urban Essentialz first opened its doors on September 4, 2006 by Pamela Merritt Kramer. Located in the Neighborhood of the Arts, on the Main Street of ARTWalk between the Memorial Art Gallery and Starry Nites Cafe in Rochester, New York. We closed our doors on December 22, 2011. 
We continue to service our customers through the website and at Holistic, Wellness, and Arts Fairs under the name of Connection 2 Spirit

Who is Pamela Kramer? 
I am a native Rochesterian, graduated from Greece Olympia High School and RIT.  I am a mother, 

grandmother of four (Hannah and Dylan to the left and Atticus & Owen right), a former Kodak employee of 29 years (OrganizationalDevelopment Consultant), a mediator, adjunct Faculty at RIT, a serial entrepreneur, and wife of Paul Kramer.  I am also a Spiritual Explorer. I had Holistic night on Monday's at Starry Nites Cafe for five years, have taught Dowsing, Meditation and the Law of Attraction, I started the Holistic Professional Network, have done channeling, shamanic work, mystery school, and much, much more. There is so much to learn!

I was committed to the Neighborhood of the Arts for 13 years. I was the chairperson of the mosaic lightpole committee (which was the first light pole mosaic project in Rochester.) I been on many Boards of Directors (School of the Arts, Writers & Books, ARTWalk, and Neighborhood of the Arts Business Association), designed the gardens in the neighborhood (corners, median, and Writers & Books), renovated four houses in the neighborhood, and Vincent Place (where the store was and where I live. picture below right). I started Starry Nites Cafe in 2003. It is based on VanGogh (and all of the pictures on the walls were VanGogh's). I ran the cafe for five years, enjoyed the outside cafe and the music all summer long. The new owners seem to be enjoying it as well. (see picture below left).

I purchased 666 University Ave (with partner Ray Justice) in the fall of 2004 (changed the address to 664). It was an auto parts business and warehouse (You may remember the mannequins in the upper windows years ago).  The two story brick building is over 100 years old, and we formed Kramer Justice LLC and renovated the building. The building now has 6 luxury lofts with brazilian cherry floors, granite countertops, high ceilings, etc., and a commercial space on the first floor. The building has been on the Landmark tour twice. The first tenants moved in, in 2006. This is the building the store was in and where Paul & I lived for 7 years.  

I felt the neighborhood needed more retail, so I opened Urban Essentialz in the fall of 2006. And it suited me well!  It was a  peaceful place to be, I get to surround myself with the things I love, and I love to shop!  However, so many people shop online, and in the suburbs, I decided to close the store in December of 2011. I have heard from many customers that the really miss the store.


The next Generation:

Now I am selling online and am a vendor at various Holistic, Wellness and Art fairs. The newest addition to my product line is my latest endeavor - making tiffany style stained glass - and they are selling well at the shows. (I now have my studio my residence in Florida). I am on the road alot, and I love the spiritual atmosphere and connection with other vendors and readers.  I  attend over 10 shows a year in the Florida area.  Check my show schedule.  With my latest venture in stained glass, I can finally call myself an artist and I am loving it!!  Check out my artwork Here.  


My husband's vision of The Neighborhood of the Arts:

My husband, Paul Kramer, saved the Flatiron building from demolition in 1981 (pigeons & bats were living in the top three floors) after 50 years of neglect as the Towner building. It now has 18 loft apartments and 7 businesses (one of them is Starry Nites Cafe).  It is one of the most photographed buildings in the state of New York (It is used for state marketing brochures and films), often a site of hollywood scenes, and it is the one of the key buildings in the neighborhood, and the City. Apartments in the building have been on the Landmark tour twice in the past five years.

He converted the former Highland Police Station to art related businesses (now called Imagine Square), bought and closed the Atlantic Tavern (motorcycle bar), and purchased the worse properties in the neighborhood and fixed them up. Half of the neighborhood was boarded up when he started!  What a difference his vision has made!

Paul has served on many boards and was instrumental in University Avenue NOT becoming a four lane highway (like the civil engineers wanted it to be) bumpouts for safe parking (again the first in the city). It is now a pedestrian friendly neighborhood.  He was also one of the original founders of the Neighborhood of the Arts and ArtWalk. 

This is now a desirable and preferred place to live for professionals and people from all over the world.

Paul was single for 32 years and I was single for 14 years before we met. We were married in 2002. I joke that he was married to the building long before he was married to me.

Thank you for your interest.

 Namaste  (I honor the Divine in you and the Divine in me)