Dowsing - Accessing your Higher Self using a Pendulum

The following are Pamela Kramer's notes for the class she teaches on Dowsing.  This information is for your personal use only.  Any other use of this information, please request permission.

Dowsing is an ancient art, it has been around for thousands of years.  Dowsing has been used to find water to know where to dig wells, and minerals. They used to use a hazel stick in medieval times.  Currently, people use metal dowsing rods.

In 1986, 2,500 Doctors in France used pendulums as ONE tool for diagnosis (Pendulum Power, 1986, UK)

How does dowsing work?

Using a pendulum is an easy way to tap into your subconscious, your higher self, your spirit guides, and the higher mind/all that is through using a bobbing instrument like a pendulum.  You don’t have to be psychic or a medium to use a pendulum.  

It is thought that the dowsing instruments are affected by human nervous system-  Magnetic interaction between the dowser and the instrument.  Involuntary subtle movement of the muscles (not triggered by conscious thought) affect the pendulum.

Other things that can influence a pendulum….

Earth energies, negative energies from electronic equipment, mischievous spirits, etc. It is important that you anchor your pendulum area in a tube of white light.  

Dowsing is discerning, finding, removing and changing energetic patterns

Purchase/make a pendulum

Anything that swings freely will work fine. Use your pendulum with care .

Especially important when you first get a pendulum, carry it with you at all times, so it connects with you. It is called programing, the pendulum gets in tune with your energy/vibes, so it is consistently working for you.  That is how you can verify that it is working for you. 

Ask “Is this pendulum in harmony with me?”.  Ask “Does this Pendulum need clearing”, ask for clearing if necessary, then ask if it is in harmony again. 

Remember to protect your pendulum, keep it in a small bag to prevent it from picking up negative energies.

Starting to Dowse

Feet flat on the floor, sitting up straight, arms uncrossed, ensures proper flow of energy through your body. It doesn’t matter which hand you use.  Hold forearm parallel to the ground.  Dangle the pendulum 4-5” from your hand. Suspend disbelief and thought. Relax.

Close your eyes and say a short prayer/ask for a blessing, entering a higher state of consciousness. Always ask for God’s white light of protection/bless the energy field before dowsing, express gratitude, and close (Amen, or So be it). Breathe and relax, letting go of control issues, and quiet the mind.

Show me yes (thank you)

Show me no (thank you)

Show me I don’t know or maybe (thank you)

Show me I don’t want to answer (thank you)

If it does not move, stare @ it and imagine it swinging.  Patience, it may take a long time to respond. 

You can also train the pendulum. Swing it in one direction, say 'This is YES', repeat for No, I don't know, and I don't want to answer. 


The stronger the answer, the stronger the swing.


 It is helpful to say “clear” out loud or in your mind between questions.


Then ask before every session  ‘May I dowse?”  - frame of mind, too much breeze, energy of space, many things can influence dowsing.  "Is there energy that needs to be cleared from the pendulum?" (clear if needed)

Clear negative energy from pendulum – spin your pendulum and ask - “show me yes after all negative energy is removed from my pendulum”

then... "Are we in harmony?"

Testing Questions:

  1.  Am I male/Female?Single/Married/Divorced?
  2.  Is my name xyz? I work at xyz?
  3.  Age, # children, # brothers/sisters etc.
  4.  I live at …address? I went to school HERE?
  5.  I go to xyz church/synagogue/? I volunteer at xyz?


The secret is asking the right questions.

  1. Can use pendulum for finding lost itemsBe careful how you ask the question.
  2. Verify intent of business contact – Integrity? Keeps promises? Ask about motives?
  3. Test food, beverage, vitamin supplements
    1.   is this food /water good for me?”
    2.  “Should I purchase this item”
  4. Help in decision making
    1.   Is this (situation) in my highest good?
    2.   Of these two choices, x is better for me?
    3. Is this the best route for me to drive this morning?
    4. Shall I call a repair man?
    5. Is this sale worth attending?
    6. Which store has the best price?
  5.   Learning about yourself
    1.   Am I afraid to reveal my innermost feelings?
    2.   Am I a good person/Happy?
    3.   Am I tolerant/easygoing?
    4.   I am enthusiastic/optimistic/pessimistic?
    5.  I am loved
    6.  I am positive/confident/successful
    7.  Am I friendly? Unfriendly?      
    8. I enjoy good health.  Should I exercise more?
    9.  Am I living my purpose/following my heart’s desire?
    10.  Good things come to me without effort
  6. Dream Recall – ask questions about purpose/message
  7. Talk to deceased – ask if they are present, if so, ask questions
  8. Chakra/Aura Balancing
    1.   Check each chakra – in balance?
    2.   Cleanse aura? How big is my aura
  9. Verify medication effectiveness – Do I need xyz? Do I need less of xyz? Of course, check with your doctor first before changing.
  10. Test for and remove negative energies
  11. You can infuse anything with positive energies – necklace, stone, clothing, anything. 
  12.  You can then strengthen the positive energy, asking the pendulum to do so. 
  13.  Can transfer properties/nutrients from one food to another, and then raise the nutrients in the transferred item.
  14.  Lock energy patterns into water or wearable item ‘Can I lock these energy patterns into place?’ if Yes ‘ Please place energies necessary to lock positive energies in xyz into place’ (spin pendulum, will say yes when done).
  15. Detox your house - Dowse cleaners – can we remove toxic properties of household cleaners?  - if yes – ask to remove.
  16. Healing self & others -  find, uninstall, strengthen, visualize health.
    1. ‘Do I have a tight neck?’  ‘Can you remove these patterns?’ Automatically goes into an uninstall (spins until done) (can tell it to continue working even though you stop the rod/pendulum)
    2. Strengthen/rebuild ‘Are there energies that can be placed upon an area to rebuild or help? , ‘Please place these energies there now’ 
    3. What if I don’t know?  Give it a name…..
  17. Check home/office/building – “Is there negative energies here?”, “is it haunted?
  18. Self sabatoge –
    1. Is negativity holding me back (work, social life, family?)
    2. Am I ready to release? – 
    3.  NO “I forgive myself for everything” repeat until pendulum gives “yes”
    4.   YES “Few deep breathes, holding before exhale…. State “I now release all my negativity, I no longer need it, I am letting it go, NOW’  repeat until it feels like it released – check with pendulum
  19.   “I don’t know” response… If your guides don’t know an answer, you can ask them to go and find out the answer, as all is known somewhere.  There is a place where all things are known, so that answer is there.



  1. 5 cards,, pick one as your lucky card, mix them up, ask pendulum is this is my luck card over each one.
  2. Partner – think of happy/sad scene.  Ask pendulum if it is a happy thought?



  1. If you ask the pendulum almost everything, you give away your power and free will. 
  2. Don’t change your life based on the answers from the pendulum. 
  3. Don’t dowse for others without their permission
  4. Don’t ask questions about gambling, negative purposes, frivolous questions.
  5. Only you should use your pendulum.
  6. ALWAYS verify your answers – ask another question/the reverse. 
  7. Don’t ask the same question in the same session!

 Dowsing makes you more sensitive, intuitive, more connected with your low self (subconscious) and high self (superconscious), more aware in every area of your life.


**  Notes from Pamela Kramer - not to be used without permission