Tiffany style Stained Glass by Pamela Merritt Kramer

Each piece is uniquely designed, glass carefully selected, each piece of glass is cut by hand, ground to fit and wrapped in copper foil (Tiffany style). Each piece of glass is then fluxed and soldered into place. The finished piece is framed, buffed and polished with glass wax. I love the creative process!  I was thinking if I were to name my stained glass business, it would be called 'Light Reflections'.  I love color and things that reflect and attract light.  I like using beveled glass as well, is seems to magnify the light. 

Most of the following pieces that are sold can be reproduced. Some glass is one of a kind,  and may not be replaceable, however reasonable substitutions can be made.

If you have a special image you would like in glass, we can design your CUSTOM ORDER as well.

(to view the custom process, click here)

To order a custom panel of a pet, send us your photo
Pet Portraits
Custom Pet Portrait
Price $175.00
stained glass portrait of your pet. Send a picture, and get a 10"x13" i…
Low profile Gallery Display Stand
Price $25.00
10 3/4" long, cast iron. Display stand for your stained glass portrait …
BOXES, Standing Panels, Hanging Panels, and Suncatchers are all below
Stained Glass Boxes
Art Glass jewelry box green/white/pink
Price $75.00
5"x8" box, with mirrored bottom. Art glass and beveled lid, beveled sid…
Art Glass Jewelry Box Blue
Price $75.00
5"x8" box, beveled glass accents on lid, blue and pink artglass on top a…
Art Glass Jewelry box purple
Price $75.00
SOLD - 5"x8" jewelry box, mirrored bottom, transluscent purple sides, ar…
Bejeweled box in blue
Price $38.00
4x4 box, mirrored bottom, etched clear glass sides, glass gems imbedded …
Bevel & Jeweled Jewelry Box
Price $55.00
5"x5" box, mirrored bottom, beveled sides and top, with iridescent turqu…
Traditional style copper butterfly box
Price $75.00
5"x8" jewelry box with bevels on the lid and etched glass throughout.
yellow iridscent box
Price $32.00
SOLD 3" x3" adorable box with mirrored bottom. Glass gems on lid, felt…
White iridescent box
Price $30.00
SOLD clear textured iridescent lid with 'love' on the metal circle. 3"…
Blue swirl dragonfly box
Price $25.00
3"x3" box. mirror bottom, felted where it sits on your furniture. SOLD


Stained Glass 3D
Agate panel stand
Price $75.00
Purple agate with crystals, purple/pink art glass, milky white and clear…
Peacock panel stand
Price $190.00
Proud peacock - turquoise transparent glass body, iridescent green glass…
Abstract stand
Price $85.00
Original design, mix of transparent, opaque, and textured glass. Free st…


Stained Glass
Art Deco Panel
Price $160.00
11" Diameter, deep purple, ribbed clear glass, iridescent creamy yellow …
Agates Natural
Price $85.00
SOLD 10x10" panel, blown glass natural rolled edge on top, amber and bro…
Agate Slice green
Price $45.00
SOLD 8x9 Panel, white wispy glass with amber and turquoise.
Agate Panel Blue
Price $50.00
Blue agate panel framed in Zinc. Approx. 8x11"
Agate Panel Red/Gold
Price $50.00
SOLD Red agate with crystals, glass nuggets, amber opaque glass, and amb…
Purple Passion
Price $115.00
SOLD, purple agate with crystal center, art glass and glass nuggets abst…
Art Deco Mirror
Price $150.00
15"x18" peach/white opaque glass background, white lilies, green and pur…
Gold glass and agate dance
Price $495.00
Natural agates (geodes) imbedded in a dance of art glass, textured glass…
Blue Diamonds and Bevels
Price $165.00
A beautiful piece in iridescent light blue w/pink hue opaque glass, clea…
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Stained Glass
Angel Hope
Price $35.00
8" t
Angel Praying
Price $45.00
9" tall, beveled angel.
Butterfly teal & purple
Price $35.00
8" t translucent glass
Aqua Butterfly
Price $75.00
Aqua, peach, and ivory art glass with a spash of red transparent glass i…
Butterfly purple & white
Price $35.00
iridescent purple, and opaque white 9" t
Butterfly blue & white
Price $35.00
SOLD 8" across, pewter body
Diamond ornament
Price $11.00
2.5" glass nugget in center. Available in any color
Price $55.00
10" wingspan pink iridescent wings.
Dragonfly in flight
Price $55.00
clear textured iridescent wings.
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